I'm back ^^

I'm really sorry for disappearing without telling anyone. Peechai and I had a family emergency that we had to leave for. Really sorry! Did I miss anything while I was gone? I hope everyone is okay! :D

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:x For Rina

I know I'm super late with this, but I wanted to be sure it was perfect before I gave it to you. I don't really have much money, but I can sing so uhm here. :x

I want to thank Maria-san and her friend for helping me :x

YOU Written and Sung by Mike for Rina's birthday

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;o; someone comfort me. please ;o;

They're gone! T_T Why did they have to graduate and leave me all alone! Ryo-chan and Peechai are both gone now! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>_> okay so I know they haven't graduated yet but you get the idea.

ooc: >.> i'm alive really. Work has been nuts. I'll try and do better ne!


Yo minna! :D

I haven't updated since school started up again ;o; Gomen ne!

A lot has been going on ne! It looks like the administration has had a change of heart and I get to do my English project, YAY! :D So exciting, ne!

Peechai and I had fun visiting our family in Thailand during winter break. I brought everyone presents! :D Come visit me to get them, yo! >D

Peechai is doing that senior project too. D< Sensei better be nice to him and the baby! I get to be a play uncle, yay! :D DX But I'm not babysitting, Peechai! DO IT YOURSELF!

Ryo-chan said I could name the baby for his and Shibutani-san's baby! :DDDDDDD Er... maybe. If Shibutani-san says its okay :x

Oh oh! :DDDDD Jin-san and I are going to make CHOCOLATE! SO FUN! Even though neither of us knows how to. :x Who wants to sample it when we're done? :D

Well, I better go! Bye! <3333


Ne ne ne....

Hi. :D





::23:: 08.01.06


Ohayo, minna-san!! *yawn*

Peechai and I just got back from the airport! We're home ne! :D

Funny, isn't it? How I think of Osaka as my home, just as much as I do Thailand. It's because of all of you ne! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year! I've brought lots of gifts and souvenirs for everyone!

I also took TONS of pictures, ne! As soon as I get around to putting them on my photo gallery, I'll post the link for people to see! :D

Ne! How was your trip to Greece?! Did you take pictures?! I'll bet it was so exciting! O:

I have special presents for you guys! We should meet up soon, ne!

I have a present for Yuto-kun! :D

And here are the presents Mike got for people for Christmas. Ryo, Tomo and Yuto will receive theirs a bit later since he wants to give them personally. Everyone else would receive there's in a wrapped box at their door, with a tag saying "From Santa Mike!" XD

Ryo - Handwoven blanket and Candle
Tomo - Candle and Handmade Paper Fan
Yuto - Dragon Protection silver bracelet
Jin - Pillow
Kawai - Candle
Jun - Clay Elephant Keychain
Koki - Collection of Thai rap CD's
Massu - Silk Shawl
Koyama - Beaded Necklace
Ohno - Tribal Handbag
Tegoshi - Silk Scarf

Included in each box is also one of these.

::22:: 07.12.30

Hi Minna!!!

I'm sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've just been so busy at home! o:

My sister is about to start her first year of middle school! O: Isn't that exciting?! Dee chôhk! :D That means Good luck in Thai!

Hmm...I wonder if anyone would be interested in learning thai words. I could post up a new word a day in my journal! :D That would be cool ne?!!

Tomorrow's New Years Eve! I hope everyone is ready for a new year, ne1 I know it's going to be awesome, just like this one! I can't wait to go back to school. I miss all of my friends! T_T And yes, Ryo-chan, I made sure to give out your presents before I left.

I couldn't think of anything to give anyone, so you'll get your presents when I come back! ;o; Gomen ne minna! It'll be late but I hope you like them! And and o.o Massu-kun! Your present was so nice, thank you! I didn't expect anything from you, especially at our house! Uwaa!! So cool!

I'll update later with more photos. We're in Phuket now, and its going to be so nice, with all the fireworks for New Years! :D

::21:: 07.12.19

I hope everyone is having a good break!

Peechai and I arrived safely at home. I forgot how warm Thailand was, uwa! o.o We left Japan in winter coats and it was so warm, ne!

^_^ It's good to be home, though. My family threw me a great birthday party. It was really nice to spend it with my family, though I miss all my friends in Japan. I hope everyone is having a good time!

We're going to Phuket later this week, and I know it'll be fun! I'll take lots of pictures, I promise! :D

I know most of you probably haven't been to Thailand before, so I'm going to post up pictures for you all to see my homeland :D

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*sniff* I did get really wet, but Peechai was nice and let me borrow his coat ^_^

I miss everyone at Osaka. Especially Ryo-chan, Tomo-chan and Yuato-kun. I hope they're all okay. And Ryo-chan and Tomo-chan are in Greece now! Uwa!! So far! I'm kinda sad that I didn't get to see them before my birthday. :/

I wonder if they forgot, ne. I haven't heard anything from them since they left. Then again, it's only been a day. I hope they don't forget me...

::20:: 07.12.10 :O


Midterms start today! Ganbatte minna! I hope everyone does well on their tests!

I'm studying really hard, ne! I have to do really well otherwise Mama will be upset! ;_;

The play was lots of fun! I didn't realize how much I like acting o.o It's so weird, but it's so much fun! I heard the next is a musical, ne! can't wait! I love to sing too so maybe I'll get a big part this time! :D

Ne, ne... o_o did minna hear about that rumor going around? About O.O a teacher and student together? Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

::19:: 07.12.06



o.o I hope I do a really good job. It was so hard to learn all my lines, but I did! I promise I'll do a good job for everyone, ne!

Tomo-chan and Jin-kun finally came home! :D Strange, how I now think of this school as home. So many good friends I've met here <3

I can't believe it'll be my birthday in 13 days o_o Ne, Ryo-chan, when does break start?

Midterms are coming up O.O I hope I'm ready I don't want to do bad, ne! Winter break will be fun though! I think Peechai and I are going back home for the holidays. :D It'll be so much fun, ne! I can't wait to see my sister and parents again!

::18:: 07.11.27